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Cleaning up Ultra Music Festival 2019

Cleaning up Ultra Music Festival 2019

Ultra Music Festival 2019 was very different for me.

This festival means so much to my life because this event brought me to Miami for the first time in 2015. Two years later, this place became my home.

๐Ÿ™Œ๐ŸผI enjoyed my first Ultra with my friends and my boyfriend.

๐Ÿ’I enjoyed my second Ultra with my friends, my brother, and the same boyfriend who proposed to me in the middle of Hardwell set. Of course, I said YES! ๐ŸšฎI enjoyed my third Ultra just with my husband who helped me pick up trash for 5 hours.

When Ultra decided to change the location from Bayfront Park to Virginia Key, we were concerned about the environmental impact as well as trash, debris that could reach the ocean and chaos disturbing the island. Thanks to the local environmental organizations Debris Free Oceans, Surf Rider Miami & Volunteer Cleanup who expressed their concerns about the environment, the festival introduced sustainable initiatives including volunteer efforts with Clean Vibes. This is how my husband and I contributed to minimizing the negative impact by picking up trash and educating people on how to dispose of their waste during the first day of Ultra.

The experience and the feeling of doing this for a festival I love so much was my way to give back and thank all the good memories this event has given me. Now, as a local resident, I feel the responsibility to take care of my home, my community, and my family

Thank you again Clean Vibes for all the help, effort and for educating people to reduce their waste and leave no trace. And thank you to my beloved husband who follows me in all my crazy sustainable ideas.